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JR Ducks Fundraising Information

Tuition Assistance thru Fundraising

We are most proud of our ability to help families raise money for their entire Jr. Ducks Season.  No other organization can brag about this.  Our Organization sets up many fundraising events that promote friendships and fun.  All funds raised will go towards your son’s league fees, not to your team. We make everyone accountable for their own tuition.


Tuition fundraised as of March 13, 2017 - $103,245



Thanksgiving Day Boxes

January 28th

Texas Hold-em - 7pm 

Location: VFW Sayville


Super Bowl Boxes



February 15th

Corporate Sponsorships due

March 2nd

Comedy Club

March 11th 

Texas Hold-em - 7pm 

Location: VFW Sayville