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Tuition Assistance thru Individual Fundraising

We are most proud of our ability to assist families raise money for a portion or their entire Jr Ducks Baseball tuition.  No other organization can brag about this. Our organization sets up a few fundraising events that promote friendships, fun & most of all, opportunities for every family to raise money for their baseball tuition.  All funds raised will go towards your son’s tuition, not to your son’s team. We make everyone accountable for their own tuition. There is NO REASON that you cannot AFFORD to play baseball And NO REASON NOT to be on time with your payments. You have to WORK the PROGRAM. “We will teach you how to fish. We will not feed you.”

Thanksgiving & Super Bowl Football Boxes – 50% of all boxes you personally sell will go towards your player’s tuition fee.  Last year, over $75,000 was applied to player’s tuitions. Boxes range from $10 to $100 per box. Over 40 grids sold out last year


Super Bowl Boxes  OPEN 

We have $10, $20, $25, GRIDS. The more boxes you sell, the more tuition you save. Register below and start selling boxes. On Superbowl Day, the computer will randomly select numbers to be places on top and on the side of the grid. Your box with then have 2 numbers, one for each team. The score at the end of each quarter will determine that quarter winner- the last digit of each score determines the box #. EG.. score after quarter 1 is Bills 13 Lions 10.Find 3 on the Bills side, then 0 on the Lions side and that box is the winner. Payouts are below.

Half of the money you raise, goes towards the winner and the other half your childs tuition. Sell $1,000 in boxes, $500 to winners, $500 to tuition. Some families fundraise so much, there kids play for free. Any questions, email me personally KIRSTEN@DUCKSBASEBALL.ORG

$10 Pool - 1st Quarter - $50, Half Time - $150, 3rd quarter - $50, Final Score - $200

$20 Pool - 1st Quarter - $100, Half Time - $250, 3rd quarter - $100, Final Score - $450

$25 Pool - 1st Quarter - $150 , Half Time - $350, 3rd quarter - $150, Final Score - $500


I recently set up an online NFL Squares Pool at RunYourPool named 'Football Boxes Fundraiser Tuition '. If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link and fill out the form:


NOTE: If you already participated in my pool last year, do NOT join again. Just login to your account from last year.

Any questions, email


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