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Hello Vic.  Just want to express what you and the organization meant to myself and my family but especially to my son Tyler “Big T” .   We couldn’t be more grateful to you , Tommy Caputo, Mike Rizz and especially his coach throughout the last few years Dave Lohman in preparing him not only to excel in baseball but also in becoming a better man and just everyday life. Since moving here down in north Florida Tyler not only made his middle school team but made varsity with and against 8th graders whose 13/14 years of age and he’s barely 12, he’s also excelling at everything with the team and having a fantastic season thus far . He’s also made principal’s list honor roll and is in all honors advance classes .  Couldn’t be more proud of him and just want to express our gratitude towards all you guys in the jr ducks organization especially yourself, Tommy Caputo, Mike Rizz, and coach Dave Lohman .





I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that was a part of the camp this  week. My son had the VERY BEST time and learned so much. He felt like a celebrity today when his coaches were calling his name and high 5ing him upon arrival. He cannot wait to go to the game and cannot wait to buy some official Ducks gear!!!! You have made a life Long fan out of him!!!!  This was such a great experience for him and he cannot wait to do it again. From the bottom of my Heart... THANK YOU ALL!! What a great staff and program!!!



Hello All:

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for organizing such a great interactive workout.   As in true Duck style, it was extremely organized and well run.  The commitment made to the boys’ development, both in baseball and life, by the Ducks organization is clearly evident and second to none.   

After not having played baseball for all of his middle school years, it is amazing to see how far Joseph has come since joining the Ducks.  

Thank you again!


Hi Vic,

Actually Joe Garvey from Newtown Pa said your teams are first class and Gavin Osteen whose father pitched for Dodgers mention the quality of your program as well.



My name is Adrian Bruno. I am a 5 years old, a passionate baseball fan, and have down syndrome.

I have two sets of heroes in my community besides my friends and family. First are the educators andstaff from ACDS and the Deer Park School District that have made it possible for me to have a chance atfulfilling my potential. Their hard work and belief in me makes everything truly possible when it seems
most unlikely.

My second set of heroes is the Long Island Junior Ducks organization and players. My big brother plays for the (8U) team and he has allowed me to be involved, and to learn to love the game of baseball.

Throughout the spring, summer and fall leagues, I was lucky enough to call balls and strikes behind home plate (behind the batter’s cage of course!) along with blue (that’s the umpire). I may not have the opportunity to play at this level, but I feel so involved that it’s like I am also part of the team. You should see me getting ready to go on game days!

I have become so good at this and such a fixture at the ball games, that I was awarded a commemorative ball for being the #1 Jr. Ducks fan at the last game of the Brookhaven summer league.

I would love for my Kindergarten class mates to get a glimpse of the wonderful facets that makebaseball such a great game, meeting Quacker Jack seems like a good place to start!

The Bruno’s for Adrian Bruno.




Gentlemen, it truly has been a pleasure being part of this team for 3 years now and helping them prepare for this moment. While it hasn't always been easy and we have gone through our adversity, I'm happy with the group we are able to hand off to Coach Andrew Abreu. 

I want to thank you guys, our organization leaders for putting our kids in Coach Andrew's hands going forward because I still remember the conversation I had with MIke Valiando a few years ago asking for Coach Abreu when this day came. 

As for those crazy dads Beisel talked about, I'll be calling Pat Friel today to see how he handled retirement and for maybe some golf lessons. If you're looking for me at the baseball fields I'll be the guy in the OF with a red cup (is the frowned upon?)

While I despise baseball organizations , I'm happy that my son continues to be a Jr Duck! 



"Thank you and the staff for the opportunity to allow my son(Julian) to tryout.  It was a professional and well organized tryout, it started fifteen minutes early for stretching and running excellent.  Each station ran with precision and emphasis on details, which teens need. We will definitely attend another tryout session coming up."

Julian's Dad

Sept 13, 2017






I just wanted to let you know what a great week my son had at camp.  We are with North Shore Little League.  He really enjoyed it and his coaches were great, coach Kevin, Coach Dan and Coach Matt were great with the kids! The stadium day was an awesome experience for him!  We will be back next year!  Thank you!



Thank you for the opportunity for our son,Joe, to play on Season Air Jr Ducks 16U with Coach Abreu and Coach Ryan. This was a great group of boys and it was a pleasure to watch these young men coached just shy of greatness. They really came together as a team and enjoyed playing together.  It was unfortunate that our son Joe got hurt, but Coach always made him feel part of the team. 

He is still doing PT for his shoulder and hopefully it will heal and we can avoid surgery.  Kings Park HS is having Fall Ball this year so he hopefully will be able to play with them with no restrictions.

This was our 1st year with the Jr Ducks Organization and I will say it was a wonderful experience from the coaches, the boys, the families and the baseball!

Thank you to all!

Best Regards,

The Hruska Family

Joe, Roxane and Joe


Hi Kirsten,

I just wanted to let you know what a great week my son had at camp.  We are with North Shore Little League.  He really enjoyed it and his coaches were great, coach Kevin, Coach Dan and Coach Matt were great with the kids! The stadium day was an awesome experience for him!  We will be back next year!  Thank you!

Jackie Chartrand



I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate the comments I heard from after the game Tuesday. We had a great experience this summer with the Ducks. As coaches, I thought both of your demeanors were great- every opportunity to teach seemed to be taken advantage of and always with positive reinforcement. I thought there was the right amount of competitiveness and desire to win without going over the top. Most importantly, the team really seemed to gel and enjoy each other no matter what the situation was on the field, and I think the tone you set was the key driver for that. Kevin had a great time and made a lot of friends and I definitely think his skills and knowledge improved. Unfortunately he will be running cross country in the Fall for his 8th grade team so baseball out east will not fit in our schedules, but he has expressed interest in coming out in October to try out again for Spring and Summer so hopefully we will be back with you then. 

Thanks for a great Summer-



"Excellent! We will look for it! He had a great time. This is his third year. Thank you for inspiring him to be a world class player. We love the Ducks!"


"Wanted you to know that my son has been playing real well and working very hard. Coach Mike B made him one of the captains of the team. Nice little success story from where he was with you at first tournament until now. The training and practices are second to none. Thank you Jr.  Ducks"



Hey guys, 

Just wanted to say so far been a great experience for my son and RJ has been great for him as well as all the boys . They are playing at a good level and this team is improving and Jackson is a major contributor . Overall team is very competitive and hits and fields really well most games .  

They can use a ace then this team would be at the next level .  

Anyway wanted to say  thank you for putting him on the right team in the right spot for him to succeed.

 Best Regards ,





" What about the 10u  Rising Star Jr. Ducks. We finished first in our division with a 3-0 record plus scored the most runs (51) and let up the least (11). We lost a heartbreak in the semi final to the team that won it. It was only our second loss of the entire spring season. This is a special team from our GREAT Coaches to the players and the parents. It is just awesome to be a part of!! Thank you coming from a proud parent!"

chris mirabile


"Nick found the team building exercises to be awkward and not so useful.  He did like the individual training and says he uses the meditation and visualization techniques sometimes in his games and at school."



"Hi Vic,

I spoke with Ryan about his take on having Steve Pinto with the boys for the 12 weeks and he was very impressed with him and he did take in a lot from the sessions.  My husband and I did see it ourselves when he was playing school ball.  Ryan was pitching for a game and the other team had a hit or two against him, normally he would feel frustrated and you can see it in him as he pitched, but he didn’t lose his cool, he held his composure and finished the game with a win.  We asked him how he stayed so calm and controlled and he said he meditated, something he learned from Steve. I also feel that Ryan learned how to control other emotions as well and therefore it is helping him both on and off the field. We want to thank the organization for giving the boys the opportunity to have Steve there and we believe it has helped Ryan."

Thank you again,

Marylynne and Allan Gremli


"On behalf of myself and my 12u team I just wanted to say thanks. I know you guys mostly get the bitching emails, so I wanted to send out the other side of the coin. I also acknowledge all the hard work and time that goes into getting the stadium and players so the kids can enjoy themselves.

Special shoutout to Tommy as the kids had a blast with you today!! " 

12U Select Team



My son thought it was invaluable but not only for sports but in life. I have seen a growth in his confidence. He is now learning how to drive and I have heard him quote things that Pinto has taught them in regards to positive thinking. He came home the first night and went directly to the work that Pinto gave them. Then every week thereafter.  

I think that what they experienced was something very special. When I spoke to other parents who have kids on other teams as in the Titans etc. they thought that was such a cool thing. As an organization to think in that direction speaks volumes to me as a parent that not only is the game important but the life lessons are too. There are too many organizations that preach scholarship this and screaming coaches that. We all know the scholarship game. What is more important is how you walk away as a man through the development of the organization you latch on to. For that Kudos to the Ducks!! Danny is a better person today for that.  

Great job to you and Great Job by Coach George. 




Jr Ducks,

Thanks for putting this team together for this weekend.. We enjoyed the weekend. Joe definitely made some new friends this weekend and had a great time. Please keep him in mind if you need players for any future tournaments, as he's always looking for extra play time...cant get enough! Lol.  Have a great week!

Cathy Daleo


"This past Sunday was our last workout for our son's 14u team.  These workouts without a doubt have been so instrumental to his skills. Your coaches really took the time to really work out and teach and improve his game.  Your organization is a good source of sound skills and information. He looks forward to this coming season. He has loved every minute that he has spent with the Jr. Ducks family.    Thank you again for all the work you do."

Satisfied Parent


"Thank you so much for understanding.  I will bring the money Sunday.  My mother told me that no matter what Ive done she would always be proud that im her daughter and she should have given up on me but never did so with her faith and the strength of God,  I got sober almost 24 yrs ago. I learned not to be ashamed of where I came from but to be proud and truthful of where I'm at today and with the help of people like yourself and your Jr Ducks, I can give my kids a better chance at becoming great adults and role models for their children. Thx u so much c u sunday and God bless you."  




I'm sure as the leader of the Ducks' organization youu field an abundant amount of parent complaints and that cannot be an easy task.  However, this morning I would like to inform you of all the good that your coaching staff does for these boys.  My son plays for one of your younger coaches. My son struggles desperately with confidence both on and off the field.  It's something we have been working on with him since he was in preschool.  Coach ______ has taught all of his players that it takes both hard work and playing as a team to be successful.  It's our team's motto that you win as a team and you lose as a team.  My son has taken those words to heart and is constantly working at home to become a better ball player.  

Last night, at our game, Coach _______ batted our son lead off.  This seemingly small gesture meant the world to my son.  As expected, my son’s first reaction was that I can't do this.  I'm not good enough.  Coach _____ assured our son that he believed in his ability.  At the end of the night, when I tucked my son into bed, he said to me, "Mom, I can't believe Coach thinks I'm good enough." With that, he closed his eyes with a huge smile on his face.  As a parent, all I can say to Coach ________  is THANK YOU! That one small gesture has done more for my son's confidence than he could ever imagine.

I just wanted to let you know you have an awesome organization and staff.  I'm proud to say that my son plays for the LI Junior Ducks.



Hi Mike,

This is a nice email. I know you must receive a lot of hate mail from angry parents, and very few take the time to let you know when things are going great.

I wanted you to know how happy we are with Tom and Chris as our coaches this season. The teams record is not very good, but the experience with Tom and Chris has been so refreshing. They are both excellent coaches and they are great with the boys. They have also been extremely fair with playing time and positions, which I know is very difficult to achieve and takes hard work. This has been so welcoming after all our years with the Ducks. Tom and Chris offer so much instruction, guidance and laughter. It truly isn't always about the winning, especially when the talent is not heading for the MLB. It is about learning, bonding, respect, dedication and never giving up. It is about the memories and confidence that is transpired onto your child because a coach believes in them. All this is what our son has been able to take away from this season with Tom and Chris. Thank you and I can't thank Tom and Chris enough.

As for the Fall Mike, our son will be back if Tom is coaching the 16u and would like to keep him on his roster. It takes too long for coaches to familiarize themselves with the players (their strengths and weaknesses) and we don't want to go through that scenario over and over again. Tom has everything and everyone figured out at this point. Would love to continue with the Ducks and hopefully Tom will continue with the 16u and wish to keep Trevor on his roster.

You struck gold with these two. They are real. No politics consuming the team. It has been a great season and experience, even being in last place.

Please let me know what the Fall holds and the cost. Once I know, I will be in a better position to make a decision.

Thanks Mike.



Hi Eric,

I am one of the coaches for the Farmingdale Greendogs  (the guy with the poison ivy the other day).  

I simply wanted to pass along my congratulations to you and the Strenghthheals Jr. Ducks on the NYBC Championship!  You have a great group of kids, and I hear they fought back in both games today showing great spirit and determination...a tremendous experience all around. 

Congratulations again and hope you have a great weekend.




Good morning Vic,

I want to thank you and all of the staff who helped yesterday happen.  Watching those boys play yesterday, and that’s what they did, PLAY, was the highlight of my week.  Those boys laughed, played any position they do not normally play, and joked with each other and the other team. I believe it was a great release for all of them.  Ryan is having a great season with the LIJRD.  Thank you again.


I could not agree more with your comments. That stunt by other coach is small and petty stuff. I am proud to be associated with a team and coaches that preach the right way of doing things. I want to thank you and your assistant for your positive attitudes and encouragement.

The team is playing light years from where they started. They are making better and better mental decisions. Regardless of the score, these kids are playing the correct way and keeping positive attitudes.

From a personal standpoint, my son has been making great strides and is having so much fun. He came into this thinking these kids were major leaguers and now seems to think he belongs too. That shot he hit last night was the first aw him play like the Nicky I know.  He was so proud he could not wait to tell everyone when he got home. The thing is that he had a confidence problem and all the positive reinforcement both coaches give has gone a long way.


"Coach, my son was pretty down on himself for walking a lot of hitters yesterday (I wasn’t at the game).  He’s a great kid, who, at times, puts a tad bit of pressure on himself.  When I got home, he told me  he did ‘terrible’ and that he was bummed that he let you and the team down.  He was frustrated that he was walking so many hitters when he throws consistent strikes with me.  He said ‘if I threw strikes they wouldn’t hit me.  I didn’t have it’.  He felt bad that someone else had to come in and ‘clean up his mess’ as he put it.  He’s quiet, but really competitive.  I reminded him that he has only pitched in four games and that he is just getting used to it and to just have a catch with the catcher –forget about the hitter.        

I wanted to thank you for your positivity and honesty with the kids.  Despite my son not being happy with his pitching effort, he told me about your words of encouragement to him and how he can do better.  He looks up to you and your assistant and I really appreciate both of your demeanors with the kids.  I know you are just getting to know him and I apologize for the email, but I wanted to give you a little glimpse into the guy’s personality and thinking.  It’s not just baseball, but academics and just about anything he does that he’s super competitive about.   It’s funny, when I woke up this morning, he was in the living room practicing the stretch.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, ‘coach made my motion easier.  I have to get used it. I’m not walking anymore kids.’  Thanks again.  Keep it up."       

Simply says it all about Jr Ducks's more than just baseball.

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