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1. Parents and Players will make their fullest effort to cooperate and support the managers and coaches of our travel organization.

2. A serious commitment is required at this level of baseball, not just to the Jr Ducks but to everyone on your team. This means attendance to various functions, events, and the required finances are expected. Little League, Town Baseball and other travel teams must be secondary to your commitment. If not, this can decrease your son’s playing time with his team and may forfeit his roster spot. Your coach must be informed each time he plays on any other team.

3. TRAVEL - Parents and players are expected to represent the JR Ducks in a behavioral, respectable manner, especially when traveling at away tournaments and staying in hotels. Any complaints from hotels or tournament officials regarding crude behavior, abusive alcohol usage or disrespect to staff, will result in expulsion from Jr. Ducks Organization. If a player throws any piece of his equipment such as helmet or bat, he will be warned immediately. If it happens a 2nd time, player will be suspended at minimum of 3 games. A final time will result in expulsion from the organization. 

4.  Managers and coaches are completely responsible for determining the amount or playing time, lineups, and positions of every player

5. Teams will try and compete to the best of their ability. Managers will use their roster in a fashion that they see fit to produce and be competitive in a positive environment so that all players may learn and develop. Parents may not discuss playing time with any coach, manager or staff member of the LI Jr Ducks.  Discussions and or questions about playing time are encouraged to be had by the players themselves. If your son or daughter does not have the ability to represent themselves in this situation, please do not confront their coach at a practice or game. Please wait 24/48 hours and contact by email only. A meeting and/or a call will be set up. 

6. Managers and Coaches can never speak to players or parents in a disrespectful degrading manner. Parents or players can never speak to managers, coaches, or umpires in a disrespectful manner. If you are ejected from a game, this can be grounds for expulsion.  Any disrespectful, crude and inappropriate behavior by parents towards opposing teams, players or umpires are grounds for expulsion from the Jr Ducks for both parent and player. 

7. There will be no physical contact between players, parents, or coaches. This will result in an immediate expulsion from our organization. 

8. Managers and Coaches must be notified about absences from games or practices. Failure to notify coach can result in reduced playing time. 

9. The removal of a player during a game by a parent can result in expulsion from the team. (With the exception of an emergency or prearranged understanding). 

10. Player payments are non-refundable. If an injury occurs or a player cannot finish any part of their season for any reason, there are no full or partial refunds.  Your payments are roster spots not playing time. AGAIN, NO REFUNDS! 

11. If a parent pulls a player off of the team after any or part financial commitment is fulfilled there are no refunds. Players pay for roster spots. 

12. The owners of the LI Jr Ducks have the right to release any rostered player for the actions of their parents or guardians that are deemed inappropriate by their coaching staff and/or any board member of the Long Island Jr. Ducks Baseball Organization. 

13. All managers, coaches, parents and players can be placed on suspension and run the risk of permanent termination of your roster spot if you are responsible for making disparaging, threatening, offensive, retaliatory or otherwise inappropriate comments made about the Jr Ducks, any board member, any parent or any player on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking site 

14. The Long Island JR Ducks professional baseball team gives us, the Long Island Junior Ducks, the rights to their logo and players under a licensing agreement and in not way operate the day to day operations of the LI Jr Ducks. Any questions and/or concerns can be addresses to the JR Ducks Organization. 

15. Under no circumstances will you call or email the owner, general manager or staff of the Long Island Ducks Professional Baseball Team. 

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