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REFUND POLICY: Our policy is a real simple one, we do not offer any refunds at all. Seasonal deposits/payments are moral and financial commitments by the player and their families to the team. They are not roster spot 'rentals' till you feel the grass is greener someplace else. There are no refunds on player injuries unless approved by the owners. Injuries are part of all sporting events and an unfortunate for the player. There are no refunds on players playing time or lack there of, unhappiness with his/her spot in batting order. There are no refunds/credits on games or tournaments missed by player or that team is not competitive enough for player or their parents. There is no refund if player/parent is asked to leave team per our Code of Conduct violations . In short we do not offer refunds. This is explained in your Code Of Conduct that you have signed and submitted to Organization.       

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